Prof. Fatma Omra


Prof. Fatma A. Omara is a Professor in the Computer Science Department, Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Cairo University and the Dean of Engineering faculty at Heliopolis University of Sustainable Development.

Prof. Omara has published over 150 research papers in prestigious international journals and conference proceedings. 

Prof. Omara has served as Chairman and member of Steering Committees and Program Committees of several national and International Conferences.

Prof. Omara has supervised over 55 PhD and M.Sc. students. In addition to a member of the IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society. 

Prof. Omara interests are Parallel and Distributing Computing, Distributed Operating Systems, High-Performance Computing, Grid, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT.

Prof. Omara was selected to be at the top of female engineers for National Women in Engineering Day. The result of “Genetic algorithms for task scheduling problem” was the most popular engineering paper on Science Direct between October and December 2015 that Prof. Omara wrote.