Business and Economics


The Faculty of Business and Economics was established in 2009 with the inauguration of Heliopolis University to contribute to the Sustainable Development of the Egyptian Society. Its first academic year is 2012-2013 according to the ministerial decree no. 3194 for the year 2012. The Faculty of Business and Economics includes two academic programs and a research unit.

Academic Programs
Credit Hours

The Faculty of Business and Economics comprises two academic programs. Each program’s study plan contains 139 credit hours. Each academic program has minor and major specializations. Through the academic advising process, students learn to take responsibility for selecting their minor and major specializations, registering in different courses , setting their goals, and planning their next steps to achieve them.

The Faculty offers a BSc. degree in Business and Economics in one of the following specializations:

  • Business
  • Economics 

Staff Members

Prof. Dr. Omar Ramzy, Dean of Business and Economics

Prof. Dr. Omar Ramzy is a Professor of Marketing and the Dean of Business and Economics.Read More.

Dr. Aly Saad, Acting Vice Dean of Business and Economics

Dr. Aly Saad is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and the Acting Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics.Read More..

Dr. Karim Badr ElDin, Associate Professor of Economics and Head of Economics Department​