Heliopolis University Office Sponsored Programs are currently working in the following research fields:

About The University Research and Innovation Ecosystem

In 2013, HU established the Research and Innovation Observatory (TICO-HIRO) to be the core structure within the university, concerned with all issues related to research and innovation. (hiro.hu.edu.eg). HIRO is working with academic staff, researchers, and professionals within HU in order to contribute to the formation of a sustainable knowledge-based economy in Egypt. In 2015, The University launched its Innovation Platform (connect.hu.edu.eg) aiming to support the knowledge circulation among researchers and professionals. The Platform act as a hub for innovative, demand-driven and applied research in fields directly relevant for sustainable development.

Heliopolis University Research & Innovation Track Record (2007-2014)


Our Code of conduct

Integrity: Developing ‘Code of Good Conduct’ that incorporates ethical conduct and integrity in all elements of research.

Alignment of Strategy at All Levels: To ensure the alignment with the strategy of the university as well as with the national strategy.

Resources: To make the most efficient use of our financial, physical and knowledge resources.

Impact: To have an impact beyond academia and contribute to the economic, social & cultural development of the society.

People: To attract excellent researchers and help them to enhance their careers.

Quality: To perform high quality research.

Research Areas

  • Phyto Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Bio-dynamic Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Economics and Green Technologies
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Community Development
  • Arts and Music

lab The University attracts national and international professionals from different fields to form consortia to work together in full partnerships. The University Grant Management Office develops on average 30 research proposals annually with various funding agencies and framework programmes, nationally and internationally. HU also established a strong IP management policy that reflects the integrity of our research environment and protects the property rights of researchers, partners, and the institution.

Networks and Partners:

HU extended its activities to researchers and experts from different research institutes and universities around the world in order to form a network that works complementarily with synergy and integration. HU aims to build an international dynamic research system where know-how are shared and utilized more effectively ‘Teamwork spirit is the roadmap for success’.

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Services for Researchers:

HU provides a package of services to researchers in order to promote research productivity in a healthy and supportive environment.

Capacity Building Programme

Training sessions are organised in different areas (proposal writing, intellectual property management, patent database search, effective use of the patent database as a business development tool, research ethical issues, entrepreneurship and R&D commercialization, Technology validation, etc.) in order to produce high quality researchers according to the international standards.

Technology Transfer and Cooperation with Industry

Being a part of the SEKEM initiative, business companies, NGO’s, and educational institutions, HU is a Techno-Park by nature. This is why it can offer the opportunities to researchers to implement and market their ideas and innovation, and translate them into tangible industrial products.

Intellectual Property Management

This office handles the protection of the intellectual property rights of the researchers, the institution, and the industrial partners, and will negotiate all IP issues in the contract and agreements with different donors. Achieving this, the University IPR Policy has been developed and published on HIRO official website.

Proposal Writing and Budget Preparation:

This service is responsible for assisting researchers in obtaining intramural and extramural funds for their research ideas/projects, finding the appropriate partners in different fields of expertise, etc. Proper estimation of budgets is also covered.

Grants Management

This office is responsible for managing all legal and administrative aspects related to the received grants, in compliance with the donor’s guidelines and requirements. The team is also assisting the Principle Investigator to manage his/her running project and to fulfill the donor requirements. For further information, please contact us at hiro@hu.edu.eg.

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