Physical Therapy

The Faculty of Physical Therapy promotes excellence and leadership in the field by offering pioneering and advanced curricula that relate to modern techniques in physical therapy, biomechanics, and medical and natural sciences. In addition, clinical training and accredited internships are provided to help students gain experience in their profession, which is enhanced by the Core Program sustainability studies.

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Prof. Dr. Hebatallah Mohamed Kamal, Dean of Physical Therapy

Prof.dr. Hebatallah Mohamed Kamal professor in physical therapy at Cairo University Bachelor's degree in 1993. Doctoral degree in Pediatrics Physical Therapy in 2003. Awarded Professor degree in Physical therapy in October 2014, Vice dean of teaching and students affairs at Misr Univ from 2017 till 2020 She was nominated as the head of the pediatrics Physical therapy department at Cairo University in 2021..

Acting Vice Dean

Dr. Engy El Nahas

Associate Professor of Women’s Health and Pediatrics