Heliopolis University has five faculties – all of which play an essential role in sustainable development: new models in business and economics, innovative engineering solutions, cutting-edge organic agriculture applications, and comprehensive health care.

Our way of teaching is geared towards an advanced dynamic curriculum and developed in collaboration with international partners. Prominent faculty members, small student numbers, modern teaching methods, and student exchange programs create an optimal learning environment and ensure a high standard of education.

All degree programs are accredited and based on the credit hour system, easily transferable into the European credit transfer system (ECTS), which allows for international mobility.

Online Admission

To start your studies at Heliopolis University for the year 2019-2020, please register using the online admission form, attach the required documents, and bring them to the admission office at our campus.

Admission Required Documents

Once the online registration is complete, applicant students should bring the following documents to the admission office at the university campus:

  • Original or copy of the birth certificate.
  • Student’s ID card or passport.
  • Copy of the legal guardian’s ID or passport.
  • Copy of the final high school certificate (if available).
  • Six personal photos.
  • Registration and test fees are 850 LE and they are nonrefundable.

Registration is only valid after submission of the required documents and payment of registration fees.

Placement Test

Once the applicant student provides the required documents, the admission office will schedule a placement test and an interview. The placement test is a one-hour English exam that is divided into five sections, The placement test is obligatory for all applicants.

The placement test will test your proficiency in :

  •  Reading ( dialogues, passages and paragraphs and answer the comprehension questions)
  •  Listening to dialogues, conversations, and monologues to answer the questions on them)
  •  Grammar and Vocabulary (dialogues, sentences or statements and answer the comprehension questions )
  •  writing a 150-word essay about the mentioned topic
  •  oral (talk with a member of the English department to test your level of fluency in English

Placement Test Requirements

  • Applicants should bring their national IDs.
  • Make sure to be on campus at least an hour earlier before the test time in order to complete the registration process.
  • Only one parent is allowed to accompany you on the test day.
  • You can change the test date two days earlier.

Upon Acceptance

Within 48 hours from the acceptance notification, accepted students must bring the original certificates of their high school results and birth certificates to determine which scholarship they are qualified to. They should also pay the tuition and administrative fees including the first installment and the English course fees (only for students with low English score).

Fees Payment Procedures

Students can pay the fees directly via the following university bank accounts. First year students should pay the first installment in cash at our admission office.

Ahli United Bank – Egypt

Ahli United Bank – Egypt
Nasr City branch
Address: 14, Moustafa El Nahas st, Nasr city – Cairo –Egypt
Account Name: Heliopolis University
Account Number: 0016-108107-001


Credit Agricole Bank- Egypt

Credit Agricole Bank- Egypt
Address: 123 Misr & Sudan St, Hadayak El Koba- Cairo – Egypt
Account Name: Heliopolis University
Account Number: 00391100003690

Commercial International Bank – Egypt

Bank Name: Commercial International Bank
Address: El Korba Branch,
18 Nazih Khalifa Street, Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Account Name: Heliopolis University
Account Number: 100036436306

It is important to write down the phone numbers of the student and the guardian on the receipt in addition to the student ID number before delivering it to the financial department or sending it to finance@hu.edu.eg.

Collecting Tuition Fees

Tuition fees should be paid in two installments during the period of registration:

  • The first installment should be paid by the beginning of the first semester and courses registration will not be complete until tuition fees are fully paid.
  • The second installment should be paid by the beginning of the second semester and courses registration will not be complete until tuition fees are fully paid.
  • If a student pays the total semester rate as a package without waiting for registration, any excess amounts will be transferred after registration to the student’s account.

Prepayment Discount

The prepayment is open at the beginning of the summer course and continues throughout the student’s registration period for the first semester courses.

  • The prepayment discount is conditional upon payment of the whole school year fees (first and second semesters).
  • Prepayment discount rate is 5%.

The Prepayment process should follow the following regulations:

  • If a student pays the tuition fees before the beginning of the first semester registration, he/she will get the discount on the total fees of each faculty (the package).
  • If a student pays the tuition fees after the first semester registration begins, he/she will get a discount on the fees required to cover the credit hours of the first semester plus the package fees of the second semester.

Registration and Payment of Tuition Fees for the First Semester

  • Students should initially register through the Academic Advisor.
  • The required tuition fees are automatically displayed on the student’s page.
  • Students pay the fees – whether for the current semester or the whole academic year – at the bank or online using their names and university ID numbers.
  • The amount is added to the student’s account through the internet banking service or manually provided that a copy of the payment receipt is sent to finance@hu.edu.eg.
  • Payment should be made within 48 working hours after the initial courses registration. Registration is canceled if the payment was not made and students should register again.
  • Once the payment is made, the Academic Advisor will change the temporary registration to a permanent one.

Late Payment 

  • The deadline for payment will be announced.
  • After exceeding the deadline and the allowed registration period, registration should be then approved by the Faculty’s Dean and an academic fine of LE 1,000 will be imposed.

Adding and Dropping Courses

  • If a student takes an additional course after the final registration has ended, its fees should be paid at the university treasury and it will be registered only after the payment.
  • If a student drops a course, its fees will be transferred to the student’s account and will not be refunded in cash.

Payment in Installments

Payment of tuition fees is done through the bank. Payment steps will be announced.

Tuition Fee Refund Policy

The tuition fees refund policy for students withdrawing from Heliopolis University is as follows:

  • Refunds for students who withdraw after tuition fees have been paid, but prior to the end of the first day of classes, will be 100% of tuition.
  • A refund of 90% of the fees will be made for withdrawal during the first four weeks of the semester.
  • No refund will be made after the fourth week of the term.

Issue of Student ID and Email Account

By the beginning of the semester, students will receive their IDs and their university email accounts will be created.

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