Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) was inaugurated in 2012 with the aim to pioneer the introduction of the concepts and principles of sustainable development to its students and to the Egyptian community at large. Sustainable development is one of the main goals that Egypt is striving to achieve in all aspects of life. Egypt has developed a sustainable development strategy as a foundation for its 2030 Vision.

Through a renewed understanding that integrates teaching, learning, research, and practice, HU aims at empowering its students to be the future champions of sustainable development for Egypt and the world.

Full Accreditation

All degree programs are accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and based on the credit hour system, compatible with the European credit transfer system (ECTS).

HU has adopted the Project Competence Degree concept, whose crowning feature is the intertwining of theory with business needs. HU aims to develop social entrepreneurs who are able to face and overcome tomorrow’s challenges through innovation, collaboration, and technology.

During the course of their studies, students will work on projects with partner companies using the problem-solving approach. Accordingly, they can acquire new competences through studying and applying new skills in a real-life environment. This also allows the students to focus on an area of their choice, keeping them highly motivated throughout their studies. In the long term this will allow personal success to be meaningfully linked with business success.

The degree obtained is grounded in solid academic education coupled with practical experiences that simultaneously address business needs and inspire students to think innovatively.

Partnerships with International Universities

HU has unique partnerships with prominent international universities and institutions. These partnerships are remarkably enhancing the educational process in the university through two channels:

  • Research: HU is actively involved in many research projects in the fields of renewable energy, water, mechatronics, biotechnology, pharmacy, and medicine.
  • International Mobility: To achieve our vision of deeper inter-cultural communication, HU has established multiple agreements with international universities for staff and students mobility and exchange. These agreements provide opportunities of academic teaching, learning, internships, and training for both the staff and students of HU and our partner universities. You can check our latest events and activities related to international mobility here.

Qualified Local and International Professors

HU staff members are our greatest asset who will guide our students through their exceptional educational journey. Therefore, we employ a highly sophisticated selection process based on their significant academic experience, divergent research contributions, and creative teaching methodologies.

We have both local and international staff members. Our local professors and lecturers are distinguished educational leaders coming from well-established Egyptian public and private universities.

Our international faculty members take part in HU educational process according to the partnership agreements we have signed with various universities worldwide. Hence, they contribute to the university’s academic curricula design and give courses and sessions to HU students.

Research-based University

Heliopolis University Center of Research for Sustainable Development aims to improve Egypt’s capacity to conduct, publish, and disseminate relevant social and scientific research in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, biodynamic agriculture, arts, and social sciences. Its demand-driven research is designed to meet the requirements of the community, the companies, and the country alike and builds on national and international collaboration. You can explore our research activities through our Research page.

Modern Teaching Methods

The quality of classrooms and the technology embedded in laboratories help students and faculty members to excel in their academic and research endeavors.

The Core Program

HU Core Program is an integrated learning experience that aims to develop the student’s capacity for innovation and social responsibility. The Core Program study plan includes four course streams:

  • Language, Communication, and Enterprise
  • Arts, Culture, Development, and Innovation
  • Social Sciences
  • Nature and Community

Green Campus

The campus has been designed to present a healthy inspirational life. It is uniquely green as the green areas represent more than 50% of the total area.

The university also employs a waste management system in which waste is separated into different elements to be recycled. Waste water is also treated for irrigation. Such eco-friendly systems have become of great international environmental and economic importance, especially in Egypt.

In addition, a number of HU buildings are implementing a solar panel system as a source of clean and renewable energy to generate electrical power.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

HU campus comprises various facilities that are substantially equipped to enhance and enrich all students and staff members’ campus life. HU includes a library, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, health clinic, transportation buses, student hostel, meeting rooms, and the Space of Culture that consists of an amphitheater, a hall, and a theater.

Meaningful, Rich, and Exciting Student Activities

HU is committed to introducing a lively, entertaining, and attractive learning experience to our students helping them unlock their individual potentials. Therefore, our management works closely with HU Student Union and other student associations like EPSF to organize an array of social, sportive, scientific, cultural, and artistic activities that include community service, scouting, fun days, trips, concerts, art exhibitions, competitions, book fairs, workshops, job fairs, conferences, training courses, awareness and donations campaigns, movement, music, fine arts, acting clubs.

Diverse Training and Employment Opportunities

There will be possible opportunities for our students to be employed by SEKEM. SEKEM Holding consists of five companies: ISIS Organic, ATOS Pharma, NatureTex, Lotus, and SEKEM for Land Reclamation.

SEKEM group of companies operates in different exclusive fields: organic foodstuff, natural pharmaceutical products, herbs, fabrics, and agricultural crop production. ISIS Organic produces food that is wholesome, nutritious and delicious, from carefully selected raw materials that are free of any artificial additives or preservatives. The foodstuff includes organically grown vegetables, honey, dates, spices, herbs, edible oils, and beverages such as herbal tea and juice.

ATOS Pharma manufactures and markets an array of natural medicines and health care products of superior quality for effective causal treatment combined with maximum tolerability. SEKEM for Land Reclamation was founded for agricultural crop production.