Heliopolis University has five faculties – all of which play an essential role in sustainable development: new models in business and economics, innovative engineering solutions, cutting-edge organic agriculture applications, and comprehensive health care.

Our way of teaching is geared towards an advanced dynamic curriculum and developed in collaboration with international partners. Prominent faculty members, small student numbers, modern teaching methods, and student exchange programs create an optimal learning environment and ensure a high standard of education.

All degree programs are accredited and based on the credit hour system, easily transferable into the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which allows for international mobility.

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To start your studies at Heliopolis University for the academic year 2022-2023, register using the application form found on the link online admission form. You will receive a message on your E-mail to pay registration fees, and testing 2000 LE is non-refundable paid through the university’s bank accounts. It will not be significant in the case of non – payment of expenses of registration.

Good to know

Heliopolis University offers financial aid, scholarships, and student transfer programs.