The body and its various dimensions will be consciously experienced in space and time through movement. To observe with awareness and finding relationships from the own body to the surrounding human fellows and environment is existential as well as self-management exercises. Also, social competencies like teamwork skills will be trained. Rhythm, group dynamic, being present just with your body and its presence are content.






is an individual as well as a global language. In music, one develops and enriches personal, mental, and social skills. An overview of music history and music appreciation is content as well as analysis of musical forms. In practice, exercises for voice, breath management, listening skills, and connecting to others will be experienced.




Fine Arts

will essentially contribute to get to know various painting techniques and experiences of the different quality of colors. Colors affect the human soul and the environment. The course will serve to enhance the ability to make exact and objective observations. Also get an overview of the history of art in order to learn different styles and points of view.




is aiming on body language, vocal expression, dealing with breath, and presence. The basics of acting are basics for the daily life performance and professional career. It covers also the study of characters, coordination of opposite roles and handling different emotions, story-telling and poetry recitation.