The body and its various dimensions will be consciously experienced in space and time through movement. To observe with awareness and finding relationships from the own body to the surrounding  human fellows and environment is existential as well as self-management exercises.

Arts strengthens the individuals consciousness of self, enhances social competence, develops teamwork skills through an appreciation of interpersonal rhythm and dynamics, and develops presentation skills through body language, non-verbal communication skills and body consciousness. The students also learn perseverance and persistence for their individual development.


Music is the global language.   In music one develops   and enriches the personal, mental & social skills. The course is based on theory and practice.  An overview of music history and music appreciation is content  as well as  analysis of musical forms. In practice, exercises for voice production, breath management, listening skills and observation will be experienced.

Develop social competence, tolerance for diversity of personality, and self – confidence. Communication skills and presentation skills through the power and quality of music, voice training and voice expression through breath management, creativity and self-expression, expanding memory and concentration,and Openness for dealing with different visions of cultures enliven feelings and thinking.

Fine Arts

This course will essentially contribute to get to know various painting techniques and experiences of the different quality of colors. Colors affect the human soul and the environment. The course will serve to enhance the ability to make exact and objective observations. Study and  get an overview of the history of art in order to learn different styles and points of view.

To experience interaction of colors and their qualities, Learn to mix colors and experience a picture in painting, using different painting techniques. Exact observation and description of a famous painting awakens the senses for beauty and materials. Painting strengthens the individuals consciousness of self, develops social competence including the ability to respond creatively to dissonance and conflict, develops tolerance for diversity of personality, cultural differences, and styles and promotes an appreciation for polarities, modalities, dynamics, development and processes.


Dramatic exercises aimed on vocal expression, voice projection, playing intentions, and stage  presence will be the basics of  acting. Principals of acting as a base for life performance and professional career: Study of characters, coordinating opposite roles and handling different emotions, Story-telling and poetry recitation.

Develop presentation skills through basic techniques of acting, and Communication skills with voice management. Interactive activities will develop teamwork skills and leadership qualities. Listening actively and with empathy and speaking in a charismatic way, repeated and presence training.