To help qualified students fulfill their educational goals, Heliopolis University offers financial aid to students who are unable to cover the university’s fees. Decisions are made on a case-by- case basis. Applicants should submit supporting documents to prove their eligibility for assistance.

Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid:

  • Financial aid is offered to help those who are really in need.
  • Financial aid is offered to students who face financial difficulties.
  • Financial aid decision is made based on many parameters related to the university budget every year.
  • Decisions of the financial aid committee are sent to the students by email or SMS.

Conditions for Continued Financial Aid

  • The student should score a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2. Otherwise, financial aid will be canceled.
  • Information included in the financial aid application form should be accurate.
  • Parents should provide a document stating the family financial status and in case of any update, the university administration should be notified.
  • The university has the right to decline any financial aid request without giving reasons.
  • If any information was proved to be concealed, the university has the right to take the appropriate action.

Required Documents

  • Application form should have been submitted to the admission office.
  • Placement tests should have been passed.
  • High school results should have been submitted and tuition fees should be paid at their announced dates.


  • Financial aid is not applied to summer courses.
  • Financial aid is not automatically renewed. Requests should be annually submitted.
  • Students and parents should provide official documents that prove their need for financial aid such as an HR letter. A visit to the applicants’ residence may be arranged if necessary.
  • Financial aid rules and regulations may change at any time. Therefore, students and parents should consult the admission office or visit our website.
  • The university administration reviews the students’ educational progress by the end of each semester. Students are expected to earn their university degree within the specified academic years of each faculty. Also, the minimum GPA should be scored before graduation.
  • If the required minimum GPA was not scored during the last semester, a warning will be sent to the student that the financial aid may not be continued if a progress was not made.

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