Heliopolis University Core Program is an integrated learning experience that aims to develop the student’s capacity for innovation and social responsibility. Through the Core Programs courses, the university aims to create:

  • Interactive Learning, where students can investigate real community problems and cooperate to develop creative, applicable solutions.
  • Challenging Learning, where students at all levels are motivated and supported to do more than they believe they can.
  • Communicative Learning, through inspiring presentations, exhibitions and workshops in order to enable students and teachers to build a clear vision of pathways to achievement.

The Core Courses are designed to help students unfold their potential, realize their capabilities, and enhance their skills.


The Core Program includes four areas:

  • Language, Communication, and Enterprise. It consists of Academic English Writing, German Language, Communication Skills, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, and Arabic Literature.
  • Arts, Culture, Development, and Innovation.
  • Social Science. It covers courses on Research Methodology, Philosophy, Human Rights and Politics, Sociology, Principles of Law, and Psychology.
  • Nature and Community. It offers courses on the themes of Sustainable Development, Deep Ecology, Biology, and Evolution.