Prof. Hanna Abdel Moneem Mahmoud Elsaghir

Prof. Hanna is the Professor of pharmaceutics and the head of the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development since September 2019. Dr. Elsaghir is a Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University and she was the Vice Chairman of the Pharmaceutics Department at King Saud University from 2006 – 2014. Currently, she is a member of the Committee for Promotion of Professor and Associate Professor in the Supreme Council of Universities.  She is also a reviewer of many national and international pharmaceutical journals

In 1983 she earned her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology following a German Egyptian channel system program at Muenster University, Germany. She also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in 1989 at the College of Pharmacy Athens, USA.


Her research interest focuses on Micro and Nanoencapsulation of pharmaceutical preparations, solubilization of drugs, targeted drug delivery, and controlled release formulation including evaluation of different dosage forms, bioavailability and bioequivalence, and several techniques aiming at facilitating drug-targeting of to cancer cells.

A number of selected scientific publications:

  • Design of taste-masked enteric orodispersible tablets of Diclofenac Sodium by applying fluid bed coating technology. (2019)
  • “A novel pH-sensitive liposome to trigger delivery of Afatinib to cancer cells: Impact on lung cancer therapy. (2018 )
  • “Role of chitosan on controlling the characteristics and anti-fungal activity of bioadhesive Fluconazole vaginal tablets. ( 2018 )
  • The Development of Self-Nano emulsifying Liquisolid Tablets to Improve the Dissolution of Simvastatin. ( 2017 )
  • “Nimesulide Sustained Release Matrix Pellets Prepared by Extrusion/Spheronization: Physicochemical and Biological Evaluation. ( 2016)
  • Formulation Design and In-vitro Ex-vivo Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablet of Tizanidine Hydrochloride by Direct Compression Method (2016 )
  • Formulation of Indomethacin Colon Targeted Delivery Systems Using Polysaccharides as Carriers by Applying Liquisolid Technique. (2014)
  • Performance of poloxamer 407 as a hydrophilic carrier on the binary mixtures with Nimsulide ( 2013)
  • Design and Optimization of Self Nano Emulsifying Drug Delivery System of simvastatin Aiming Dissolution Enhancement (2013)
  • Bactericidal activity of various antibiotics versus tetracycline-loaded chitosan microspheres against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Biofilms. ( 2012 )
  • Enhancement of dissolution and the anti-inflammatory effect of Nimesulide, using liquisolid compact for oral application. (2011)