Prof. Dr. Hanan Hanna Georgey

 is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry with over twenty years in research and teaching. Thoroughly understands the learning process and works hard to adapt methods and use various teaching styles. Innovative and adaptable training and education professional seeking an advanced position in a University setting. Committed Professor specializing in delivering quality instruction in a variety of courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate.

She is interested in the design and synthesis of small molecules of biological interest. Active molecules acting on various therapeutic targets and possessing a diversity of biological activities e.g. anticancer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial activities were developed. Molecular modeling techniques assisting drug design and binding modes of bioactive molecules to biological targets were employed e.g. pharmacophore search, docking study, 2D-QSAR, homology modeling,..etc. In vitro studies on some biological targets were conducted such as studies on COX enzymes and PI3K enzymes.