Professor Dr. Sherif El-Sayed Mohamady 

Water Resources Management Expert.  

Experienced Head of Department with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Project Coordination, Contract Management and Project Planning. Strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD focused on River engineering from Ain Shams University – Braunschweig University, Germany. Broad experience, covering the different aspects of Water Resources Management, gained during 28 years practice. Main experience has been achieved in the field of river hydraulics and hydrology. This experience was gained through the involvement in huge number of river and water resources related projects. Mr. El-Sayed shares responsibility for field investigation and designing, constructing, and applying experimental and mathematical models for many of the River and Wadi problems in Egypt, Nile basin Countries and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, wide experience has been gained in project management through the involvement of the management of international research and capacity building projects, in addition to his technical and experience gained through his involvement in the Nile Basin cooperative framework activities. Lecturing experience has also been gained through the involvement as organizer and lecturer in the 3-month Diploma course for Nile Basin Countries organized by National Water Research Centre of Egypt of basic hydraulics and Application of GIS in water management courses and as lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, Ahram Canadian University for subject of Irrigation and Drainage