Children’s University Event 2019

Graduation Ceremony 2018

The Faculty of Business & Economics in collaboration with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences lectures a course under the name of the Mindfulness Leadership course with the Faculty students and Osnabrück students. The Faculty has invited the Mindfulness Leadership course students, Prof. Dr. Andreas & Mrs. Christine to do the course physically in the Faculty of Business.

The Faculty of Business & Economics was honored to invite Prof. Karel Thomas who is a professor at Zuyd University for Applied Sciences in International Business school from the 13th of June to the 16th of June. Not only, did he teach the students at the Faculty of Business the art of statistics and how to learn from data, but also the staff.

Heliopolis university for sustainable development was honored to host “Foresight for Entrepreneurship, the Future Opportunities for your Business” workshop in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), under the capacity programs of the E-club project, from Feb. 4th to Feb. 8th, 2021. Thanks and appreciation to Dr. Wafaa Abd Elrashid & Dr. Mohamed Ramdan for the fruitful workshop. Sponsored by ASRT Managed by the faculty of Business & Economics.