Heliopolis University Students Win the Competition of Pioneers

The students of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development won the first place in the scientific competition for the pioneers of the application of science in Egypt in the field of biotechnology, winning the competition cup, in addition to the medals and certificates of appreciation .

This competition is the first competition for Biotechnology students at the level of the universities of Egypt and it is the first participation of  Heliopolis University  in this competition.

Students of Heliopolis University won the competition after passing all the participating universities and winning the final stage over the University of Zewail.

Nine universities participated in the competition which are Cairo university, Ain Shams university , Zewail university , October university for Modern Sciences and Arts, Al-Azhar university , Helwan university, Aswan university, and Heliopolis university.

The team of Heliopolis University was represented by Shaima Gamal, Isra Afat, Mena Allah Abdulaziz, Mona Zakaria, and Mohammed Tariq.

Dr. Ibrahim Abu Al-Yaish, the founder of the university, emphasized the developmental role played by the University of Heliopolis by focusing on the student’s research activities, motivating them to participate in scientific competitions and achieving advanced positions in these competitions.

Dr. Yousry Hashem, President of the University, pointed to the importance of student activities in building and developing the personality of the youth of Heliopolis University, pointing out that the university places the diversity of student activities at the top of its priorities, especially research and scientific activities.

Dr. Tarek Salman, vice-president of the university, said that the win of students in the competition reflects the  interest of the University in student activities through competitions with other universities, which increases the student’s experience and knowledge.