Heliopolis university celebrate by the world physical therapy day

“Medicine adds days to life; physical therapy adds life to days!”

With great pleasure and happiness, we would like to invite you to attend the world physical therapy day, to recognize and honor our physiotherapists for all their effort! in the presence of experts in the physical therapy field.

Captain General Samy Saad of Physiotherapy and member of the Physiotherapy Studies Committee.

Prof. Dr. Samir El-Gazzar, Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at Heliopolis University.

Doctor Soheir Abdelhamid, Member of the Health Committee in the parliament.

Doctor Enas Fawzy, Head of the Orthopedic Department, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Cairo University.

Colonel, Doctor Salah Ashour, Director of Heaven Medical Center, Department of Medical Services at the Ministry of Interior.

Head of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit in the military hospital of El-Kobba Military Hospital and the pioneer of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Egypt.

The invitation is not limited to university students; don’t miss this opportunity. Set your alarm at 9:30 Monday, and join us!

Tell us in the comments what you’re expecting from this event!