Helmy Abouleish’s Role in Propelling Sustainable Agri-Food Systems through Global Partnerships

Helmy Abouleish, the esteemed Chair of the Board of Trustees at Heliopolis University, has been instrumental in fostering global partnerships that aim to transform agri-food systems towards sustainability, aligning with the principles of SDG17. Abouleish recently participated in a significant webinar that emphasized the critical need for policy interventions to drive positive change in the global food landscape.

The webinar, held on Tuesday, 19th October 2021, was a collaborative effort between the World Future Council, the Pesticide Action Network Asia and Pacific, and other influential bodies. It served as a platform to discuss policies and initiatives that could revolutionize global food systems, focusing on the pressing issues of food insecurity, climate change, biodiversity loss, and chemical pollution.

Abouleish’s participation in the webinar was particularly poignant, as it highlighted the commitment of Heliopolis University and its collaborative initiatives in driving sustainable practices within agri-food systems. His engagement, coupled with his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the SEKEM Initiative, underscored the university’s dedication to sustainable development goals, specifically emphasizing SDG17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

In conclusion, Abouleish’s participation in the webinar serves as a beacon for the university’s commitment to collaborative efforts and its active role in advocating for sustainable agri-food systems. The partnership established through such engagements demonstrates a clear alignment with the principles of SDG17, emphasizing the crucial role of partnerships in achieving a more sustainable and secure future for all.

Link to the Webinar invitation: Link