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We empower our students to be the champions of sustainable development in different spheres of life. We provide a place where new ideas meet fertile ground for research and innovation.

Education at Heliopolis University combines academic teaching, scientific research, and practice with a unique humanistic core program to develop curious and creative minds that can reflect and act to shape a better future for all of us.

Our Faculties

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is fostering responsibility for innovative technical implementation by addressing the burning issues related to the environment, society and economics through a specialized engineering curricula that are complemented by the core courses. In addition, the concept of sustainability is directly integrated into all the educational activities.

Faculty of Business and Economics

 The Faculty of Business and Economics is at the forefront of innovative and alternative models applied in business and economics. We are committed to fostering a system that is simultaneously ethical, successful, and competitive, empowering our graduates with a unique set of opportunities and skills.

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy complements the Egyptian pharmaceutical sector and society with capable and skilled graduates who are dedicated to the improvement of pharmaceutical services and facilities. The comprehensive approach towards a sustainable study of pharmaceutics is further enriched by a comprehensive core program.

Faculty of Physical Therapy

Faculty of Physical Therapy pioneers a state-of-the art approach towards teaching and researching the field of Physiotherapy that heals and integrates the mind, body, and energy of the patients in a way that reflects their real needs and problems and solves them in a sustainable and continuous way.

Faculty of Organic Agriculture

Faculty of Organic Agriculture strives to be among the leading institutions in teaching, learning, research in the field of organic agriculture to serve the Egyptian community.

The Core Program

Heliopolis University Core Program is an integrated learning experience that aims to develop the student’s capacity for innovation and social responsibility.

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Heliopolis University has five faculties – all of which play an essential role in sustainable development: new models in business and economics, innovative engineering solutions, cutting-edge organic agriculture applications, and comprehensive health care.

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How to reach Heliopolis University?

Address: 3 Belbeis – Cairo Desert Road, Cairo Tel: 16418 Mobile: 01223999147 – 01220772884 Land Line: 02 26588124 Fax: 02/26588154 Email: hu@hu.edu.eg Postal code: 11785

Our Alumni

Our alumni are considered an important part of Heliopolis University ‘s growing community. As one family we are always looking to support each other to face sustainable development issues and challenges, serve the society, learn new topics, share creative ideas, organize events, and enjoy arts.

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1) Local Noon or A.M. P.M. is an art piece. It was co-created by two people in the Heliopolis University Network. Felix Auth (Chief Building Developer HU) and Rembert Biemond..

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish (1937-2017)


Mr. Helmy Abouleish

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Prof. Dr. Gouda Kamel Helal


Prof. Dr. Fawzy Abo El-Abbas

Dean of Organic Agriculture

Mr. Ahmed Reda

university Secretary General

Prof. Dr. Omar Ramzy

Dean of Business and Economics

Prof. Dr. Hebatallah Mohamed Kamal

Dean of Physical Therapy

Prof. Dr. Halim M. Bassiuny

Dean of Engineering

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