Faculty of Pharmacy sends A Medical Convoy to help the Neigboring Community

As per the responsibility of Heliopolis University towards civil society, the Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development at Faculty of Pharmacy organized a free medical convoy to measure blood pressure, diabetes and body mass of the residents of Salam City. The convoy started work on Sunday, 27/10/2019 at 10:00 a.m under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gouda Kamel Helal, the Chairman of the Committee and Dr. Ahmed Abdul Halim and with the participation of the members of the committee and a number of students of Faculty of Pharmacy. The convoy was welcomed by more than 200 people who were served on the first day of the convoy. All also praised the role of the university in providing free services to them and asked for repeating it. The members of the convoy expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the head of Al Nahda neighborhood for their efforts in securing the convoy.