Water Engineering Program’s Latest News, Sekem Farm Visit

Water Engineering Program’s Latest News

As part of the Community Based Learning (CBL) program, senior students enrolled in Heliopolis University’s
Faculty of Engineering, specializing in Water Engineering, engaged in a 3-day field visit to SEKEM Belbeis
farm. Their primary objective was to thoroughly assess the foundational aspects of the design and
operation of the three wastewater treatment plants located on the farm, all of which utilize the wetland
engineering system, commonly referred to as the constructed wetland treatment method. In this endeavor,
the engineering students collaborated closely with the farm’s experienced workers and technicians to
gather essential data and identify technical issues that were impeding the efficient operation of these three
facilities. Dr. Wael Khairy played a pivotal role in enlightening the students about the technical background
required for designing and managing these stations, thereby equipping them with the knowledge to
propose engineering solutions.

This field visit embraces the practical experience of the water program students which they gained last April 2023 in Sekem Farm El-Wahat when they participated in the installation and initial operation of the engineering constructed wetland pilot under the MED-WET Project. They have future plans to organize workshops to introduce the ITTT project, which offers a cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment. The ultimate goal is to persuade the rural communities in El-Wahat and the 13 villages in El-Sharkia to embrace and implement this technology with the aim of establishing similar projects in farming communities.