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  • Wed
    19:00Space of Cultures, Heliopolis University

    Awtar Quartet was formed in 2012 by Khaled Saleh & Yasser Ghoneim on violin, Essam Abdelhamid on viola, and Mohamed Abdelfattah on cello. In addition to their principal vocation, classical music, the quartet also weaves in other genres such as jazz, tango, Latin works, folk and Arabic music. To highlight the variety of their repertoire, they often also invite other musicians to join them for select performances. In 2013, Awtar presented a series of concerts supported by the American Embassy at Sawy Culture Wheel, Amideast, Information Resource Center of the American embassy, and Banha University. These concerts represented various classical and contemporary American music, in addition to arrangements of movies soundtracks and musicals. In the end of 2013, Awtar gave its first performance at Cairo Opera House, where it performed jazz standards and classical music. It was received with success and a positive critique in the Ahram Weekly newspaper. Recently, They established Osiris String Orchestra for the amateurs in Cairo to train and present the amateurs to the public in Egypt.

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