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  • Tue
    16:30Space of Cultures, Heliopolis University

    Dr.Higazy is an Egyptian humanist, strategic thinker and institutional sustainable development authority. His magnum opus, Termini Context Thinking ‘TCT’ (2002), dubbed Humanistic ‘Terminalism' is considered one of the founding schools of sociopolitical/ socioeconomic philosophy of the wisdom age of humanity, yet to emerge. In the political economy realm, Dr. Higazy, brings to bear 25 years of comprehensive experience in Strategic Advisory, Governance Advocacy, Investment Management, Organizational Psychology, Institutional Sustainable Development, and Strategic philanthropy; all encompassed in the Industry of thinking domain. His professional experience is complemented through an extended academic profile that encompasses the technical aspects of development. Dr. Higazy is the founder of ACME Corp Global (a Strategic Advisory and Investment Management Corporation), NASAQ Foundation for Humanistic Thinking and SQUARE Institute for Strategic Thinking, both Advocacy Think Tanks.

    ACME Corp was founded as the socioeconomic arm of practice through which sustainable developmental models pillared upon NASAQ philosophical and Strategic models are enlivened.

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