Department of biotechnology was set up in May 2022 as a novel department in the faculty of organic agriculture- Heliopolis University. This new department covers both basic and applied science in different aspects of knowledge including agriculture, industrial processing, and environmental management from novel and unique perspectives. The Biotechnology department is oriented to achieving sustainable development goals and Egypt’s vision for 2030.


Program Mission

In the context of the faculty mission, the Biotechnology Program seeks to qualify competitive graduates for local and international market. The program provides distinguished educational to build the qualifications, skills, personality of the graduates to contribute to community services and environment protection.

Program Objectives

  1. Apply biotechnological tools for improving the productivity of plants and animals on organic agriculture bases
  2. Adopt different molecular techniques in agricultural development programs
  3. Follow the bio-safety regulations and integrate knowledge and procedures to produce genetically modified organisms
  4. Use biotechnological applications in agroindustry and ecology-maintenance
  5. Empower students with the ability to think and solve problems in the field of biotechnology.