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Prof. Abdel Halim Bassiuny is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Heliopolis University. He is a Professor of Mechatronics and Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department, Mechatronics Division, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, Egypt. He earned his PhD in Computer Process control following the German/Egyptian Channel System Program funded by DAAD at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. He originally came to the Faculty of Engineering, Heliopolis University in 2019 as a head of mechatronics engineering department and as a vice dean of academic and students’ affairs in 2020. He has more than 40 publications in the field of Mechatronics Engineering, control systems and its applications, condition monitoring and fault detection and diagnosis, as well as smart systems. He supervised more than 40 PhD and MSc students in the Egyptian Universities. He is one of the reviewers in the Permanent Committee for the Promotion of Professors and Associate Professors (Mechatronics Engineering) of the Supreme Council of Universities, Egypt. Among his many academic achievements, Dr. Bassiuny contributed to the establishment of new laboratories as well as curriculum development through his participation in many international projects funded through TEMPUS, ERASMUS and DANIDA.

Prof. Abdel Halim Bassiuny

Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

Prof. Sherif had got his Ph.D in civil engineering from Ain Shams University, Egypt & Braunschweig University, Germany. He joined the faculty of Engineering in 2021 as a professor at Civil Eng. Department. In November2020, he is appointed as Vice Dean for environmental and Community service. Previously, he worked as a head of department at the National Water Research Center of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt. As a Researcher, he has a broad experience, covering different aspects of Water Resources Management, gained for 28 years of practice. Main experience has been achieved in the field of river hydraulics and hydrology. This experience was gained through the involvement in huge number of river and water resources related research projects. Mr. El-Sayed shares responsibility for field investigation and designing, constructing, and applying experimental and mathematical models for many of the River and Wadi problems in Egypt, Nile basin Countries and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, wide experience has been gained in project management through the involvement in the management of international research and capacity building projects and his involvement in the Nile Basin cooperative framework activities. Lecturing experience has also been gained through the involvement as organizer and lecturer in the 3-month Diploma course for Nile Basin Countries organized by National Water Research Centre of Egypt of basic hydraulics and Application of GIS in water management courses and as lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, Ahram Canadian University for subject of Irrigation and Drainage. He is the author/co-author of about 20 published journal papers worldwide. He acted as reviewer to a number of rated scientific journals

Prof. Sherif

Vice-Dean for the Students and Educational Affairs

Prof. Adel A. Elbaset was born in Nag Hamadi, Qena-Egypt, on October 24, 1971. He received the B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Minia University, Egypt, in 1995, 2000 and 2006, respectively. Dr. Adel has been appointed in various positions in university teaching and research as follows: Demonstrator 1995, Lecturer 2000, Assistant Professor 2006, manger of Minia Web site 2008. He has been a vice manger for Elmanara Academy International in Minia, Egypt. He was a visiting assistant professor in kumamoto university, Japan until 31/8/2009. He has a Certified and Authorized to Test All ICDL Modules from UNESCO Cairo office. Training over than 3000 hours for many courses in Electrical Engineering Department. For Examples (Power system, Computer Control, Industrial Electronics, Machines, and so on), Working Over than 400 hours in student laboratory for first, second, third and fourth years. Attending lectures given to demonstratives, assistant lecturers to develop my teaching skills. Planning and facilitating conferences at the Faculty (Reception and Organization Committee). Representing the Faculty in many workshops and conferences. Attending Faculty seminars on master degree and Ph. Degree in the field of Electrical Engineering. He is a staff member in Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Dept., Minia University, Egypt. His research interests are in the area of power electronics, power system, neural network, fuzzy systems and renewable energy, Optimization. He has published over than 40 papers, supervised 100 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in Egypt and Japan .

Prof. Adel A. Elbaset

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