New cooperation protocol between Heliopolis University, Sekem Development Foundation, and the Food Bank

It is our pleasure to announce that on the 25th of December, Heliopolis University, Sekem Development Foundation and the Egyptian Food Bank signed a memorandum of understanding as a first step in what is expected to be a long fruitful collaboration.

Opening remarks from Prof. Gouda Helal, President of Heliopolis University, Mr. Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of Egyptian Food Bank, and Dr. Ahmed Elshazly, Director of Sponsored Programs, Community Development Centers and International Relations at Heliopolis University, highlighted the importance of action based research in the field of sustainable development and how collaborations between academia and private sector is critical. In addition, more insights have been highlighted on the importance of integrating the work of the Rural Development Center of Heliopolis University and the Growth Lab of the Egyptian Food Bank especially in the field of upscaling organic agriculture and waste management in rural and remote areas.


All parties went on to express how happy they are with this partnership as the work and expertise of respective parties is complementary, and their excitement for laying down concrete plans for 2024.

A tour of Heliopolis University educational and technical facilities followed the signing ceremony, which presented the unique approach of Heliopolis University in unlocking creativity and driving innovation which combines teaching, scientific research with a cross-faculty core program that includes arts, music, theatre, languages and more. The day ended with warm farewells.