Seven Graduation Projects Win Abouleish Fund Award

Seven out of 16 graduation projects won Abouleish Award, the graduation project fund for Heliopolis University students.  Five projects were by pharmacy students and two by Engineering.

Aboueish Award is granted to individual Heliopolis University students or teams. It is entrepreneurial, prototype, and problem-solving competition-based fund. The main goal of the award is strengthening competitiveness among students to develop their technical and practical skills, supporting sustainable development through improving human resources and problem solving, and developing higher education to be based on innovation rather than indoctrination.

The pharmacy winning projects discussed a number of significant subjects:

  • Novel anti-diabetic compounds bearing Thiazolidinedione using computer software, by Omar Abdel Fattah.
  • Evaluation of natural extracts of Quinoa seeds Extract as anti-obesity and anti-diabetic structures, by Mostafa Mohamed.
  • Effect of various drugs on macrophages (white blood cells), by Hadeer Osama.
  • Study of anti-fungal activity of drugs loaded in nanoparticles.
  • Formulation of toothpaste from natural products, by Mina Osama

The winning Engineering projects tackled two important topics within the fields of energy and mechatronic engineering. The first discussed using two new renewable energy resources that are the CSP (solar concentrated power panels) and natural energy source (biomass), which was proposed by Omar Gamal Elhariri. The other showcased a new method of controlling machines, which was presented by Bahgat Hafez.

The selection process of winning projects is based on:

  • The scope of the project that should be technically feasible with achievable deliverables on time.
  • Project proposal should clearly address goal/ objective/ problem statement.
  • Innovation and creativity are key elements for consideration.
  • Fund is intended for material, equipment, manufacturing, and testing.
  • Merit will be given to projects with community serving, ecofriendly, and sustainability dimensions