Agro-Food Industries Alliance

This Agro-Food industries aims to deepen local manufacturing in Agro-Food industries and increase the competitiveness of this sector through pool and network national competences in universities, research organizations, NGOs and industry to drive innovation and technology transfer for solving national pressing problems in Food Industries Sector.

Cooperation: Alex University (applicant), Egyptian Universities (Partners)

HYDRO USA – Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region.

Establishing six water systems for water management/reuse/recycle for Agriculture innovations.

Cooperation: Greece (PI), Austria, Italy, Spain, France, England

CIQuA – Enhancing the Quality of Organic Agricultural Activities in Egypt Through a Center of Excellence in Biological and Integral Quality Assurance for Organic Agriculture.

 development of a state-of-the-art Center of Excellence in Biological and Integral Quality Assurance for Organic Agriculture (CIQuA) using a holistic approach towards QA and research. Through the establishment of 3 integrated labs (Quality Control Lab, Bio-Control Lab, & Pesticide Residue Lab) the CIQuA will serve as a hub in the region for enhancing the quality, outcomes, and methods of implementing organic agricultural standards, thus connecting the university and CIQuA directly with the needs of the farms and farmers as well as the overall international trends towards organic products.
By the end of the project, it is expected that all 3 labs will be recognized and accredited both
nationally and internationally and will become a core center for researching innovations in
organic agriculture in Egypt and the Region. Through this position, CIQuA will establish a comprehensive business model that can allow for a sustainable continuation of the results of the project by offering its services, training, research, and technical expertise to continue well after the end of the original project and fund.

COMBINE – Cooperative strategies, innovative business models and information technologies Boosting efficient and sustainable Mediterranean fruit supply chains.

 Aims at improving the economic and environmental performance of relevant fruit supply chains – citrus fruits and dates – in Southern Mediterranean Countries by means of technological and organizational innovations. Four specific objectives are identified: (i) to develop interlinked structures supporting coordination and fostering innovation along the citrus fruit and date supply chain in Mediterranean countries; (ii) to provide innovative

IT tools supporting decision making; (iii) to define business models that increase the quality, sustainability, and profitability; (iv) to execute effective and targeted communication and dissemination activities adapted to different stakeholders, maximizing the outreach and impact of the project.

Cooperation: Italy (PI), Croatia, France, Morocco, Tunisia

Explorer of SOil PrOperties.

The ESOPO project intends to respond to the challenge of increasing crop yields in the
Mediterranean agriculture through some expected outputs such as the reduced and
optimized use of both scarce natural resources (water, energy, nutrients) and potentially
toxic substances (synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers, antibiotics) in agriculture.

Cooperation: , Tunisia (Partner), Algeria (Partner).

Towards Better Livelihood for Upper Egypt Farmers via Integrated and Advanced Collection, Sorting, Drying and Packing Services.

The project aims mainly at enhancing the socio- economic status of upper Egypt farmers as well as developing the national agricultural sector through establishing a Farmers’
consolidation Centre that provides collection, sorting, drying, and packaging facility

Implementation of tools and strategies to ensure authenticity and

detect fraud in wheat and rice seeds.

 The aim of the GPSeed project is to adopt and implement a fraud detection system for crop

Cooperation: (Partner)>

GreenDome – A Pathway to New ERA of Greenhouse Food Production.

 Developing and conquering the market of air-supported Greenhouses
Developing the family of configurable GreenDome products
Increasing the current production capacity for 100%.


MedOPTEC – Attestation of Authentic High-Value Mediterranean Herbs, Spices and Honey Products Through Origin and Purity Verification TEChnologies.

To develop a tool based on infra-red spectroscopy that enables not only scientists but also non-expert customers and professionals to assess the authenticity, control the traceability and detect fraud of valuable Mediterranean food products in a fast, non-destructive and user-friendly manner.

Cooperation: Egypt (PI), Germany, Spain, Morocco

NextFOOD – Educating the next generation of professionals in the agrifood system.

Is an Innovative European science and education roadmap for sustainable
agriculture along the value chain from research via fabrication into application.

NAKA – North Africa Knowledge Hub in Organic Agriculture.

fighting hunger (SDG2), empowering sustainable agro-food businesses (SDG12) and organic farming (SDG15) in North Africa via a competent regional eco
knowledge hub.

Cooperation: Egypt (PI), Tunisia, Algeria

Boosting cross border Organic Ecosystem through enhancing agro-food alliances.

ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM aims at scaling up the Med organic sector and improving its
competitiveness by institutional capacity building in order to make available consultancy services for business development and knowledge transfer, as well as to facilitate collaboration among organic operators. This favors MSMEs business development, their access to the global market and creates new job opportunities, especially for youth and women.

Cooperation: (Partner), Greece (Partner)>, Tunisia (Partner), Spain

Organic Egypt

selected associations of organic agriculture in Egypt contribute to improving the framework conditions for the cultivation and sale of organic products in Egypt through demand-oriented services and advocacy.

Cooperation: bfz Germany

PIRAMED – Enhancing the Quality of Organic Agricultural Activities in Egypt Through a Center of Excellence in Biological and Integral Quality Assurance for Organic Agriculture.

PIRAMED aims at co-designing and implementing a methodology for higher collaborative research impact and to foster innovation and better use of results in three domains (agriculture, water, and food) in the Mediterranean region.

It will support the development of a research and innovation environment where the cooperation between academia and industry (or agriculture), knowledge producers and users, will be enhanced at a national and international level.

Cooperation: France (PI), Italy, Germay, Lebanon,
Portugal, Spain, Greece, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan