Reinforcing Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Heliopolis University has always supported entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help individuals unfold their potential while creating value. To enhance this vision, the university encouraged its alumni and staff members to learn more about entrepreneurship concept, opportunities, and risks through joining educational programs.

Two of Heliopolis University staff members, Hala Helal, Lecturer of Microbiology at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology and Mohammed Reda, Energy Engineering Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering have joined a 6-month program to earn the Euro-Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Diploma as part of an educational protocol between Heliopolis University and the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI).

The diploma changed my perspective about my engineering students’ projects. I started helping them develop these projects into small start-ups. I am glad I am stimulating the entrepreneurial mindset in them” says Mohammed Reda

Helal and Reda spent one month in EMUNI in Slovenia where they met learners from all over the world and exchanged knowledge and experience. Also, they enjoyed the exceptional nature of Slovenia, which is extremely beautiful and diverse.

“In fact, studying this diploma was an unforgettable experience for many reasons. First, connecting what I have learnt in pharmacy with the entrepreneurship has greatly contributed to my career development. Secondly, trying new teaching methods for example online learning and field visits created a highly interactive learning environment. I do strongly recommend this Diploma to all graduates to enhance their capacities to meet the market needs,” says Helal.

Through such programs and through its Entrepreneurship Center for Social Impact (ECSI), Heliopolis University continues to encourage its students and alumni discover themselves and come up with new ideas for sustainable entrepreneurial ventures.