Heliopolis University Researcher Wins “Best Presentation” at Pharmaceutical Science Conference

Dr. Ahmed Taha Ayoub, researcher at the University of Heliopolis for Sustainable Development, received the Best Research Presentation Award from Dr. Mustafa El Sayed, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Zewail University, at the 4th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The conference aims to create a platform for exchange of ideas, an opportunity to strengthen relations between senior pharmacists and doctors, to present modern medical and scientific discoveries, and to research and new therapeutic drugs.

Dr. Mustafa Al Sayed, awarded the shield of excellence to Dr. Ahmed Taha Ayoub, in honor of his research efforts which contribute to the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Ahmed Ayoub received first place at the level of the Republic in high school in 2003, and received his doctorate from the University of Alberta, Canada, and received many scholarships from several universities.

The conference was attended by more than 50 scientists from all over the world from the United States, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Brazil and Turkey. And distinguished Egyptian scientists.