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“Prevention is better than cure” is a phrase that is easy to say and difficult to implement, but the current conditions that the country and the world are going through, including the spread and spread of the Corona epidemic, and the resulting loss of creative hands and thinking and innovative minds, came at the forefront of them members of medical teams, so it became a concern for many individuals and societies reach for optimal prevention methods for such epidemics. The importance of prevention has become evident and evident in limiting the spread of human diseases, which medicine is currently unable to treat whenever they occur. As it is known, there is currently no drug available that resists this type of virus and eliminates it, and therefore it has become necessary to take caution and know the methods of prevention, especially for those who already suffer from chronic diseases, and immunocompromised cases and its role is in the early diagnosis of the disease and the application of appropriate treatment to save the patient. Considering these changes, the idea came to establish a “Heliopolis University Center for Integrative Health”, in the belief that providing a healthy and safe life for all Egyptians has become a societal responsibility.



Heliopolis University Center for Integrative Health to be an Egyptian model, to be emulated in providing solutions and applied practices to deepen and embed holistic integrative health by correct scientific methods based on facts.

The Heliopolis University Center for Integrative Health seeks to promote and practice the concepts of holistic integrative health by increasing awareness and caring for the whole soul and body to overcome diseases, prevent them and limit their spread.

  1. The Heliopolis University Center for Integrative Health provides the following services and activities

First Participatory research:

  1. Design and conduct participatory basic, field, and applied research related to integrative health.
  2. Experiential development.
  3. Transfer of knowledge and technology
  4. Developing and participating in research projects funded locally and internationally.


Second: Training and educational programs

Designing and organizing training and educational programs in cooperation with the Faculties of Physical Therapy and Pharmacy at Heliopolis University, as well as with local and international partners. These programs are based on the following:

  1. Promote and support the holistic concept of integrative health.
  2. Education in the use of homeopathy with natural materials.
  3. Safe use of medicines.
  4. Promote the concept of healthy food, how to choose it, the meaning of malnutrition and how to avoid it, and the impact of organic food and a sustainable diet on health.
  5. Maternity and reproductive health.
  6. Diseases of aging and the health of the elderly.
  7. Chronic diseases (blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.).
  8. Train the trainers and develop mentoring and coaching offers.
  9. Educating and training doctors, pharmacists, and therapists.
  10. Promote the basic concepts of ethics for scientific and field research.


Third: Community services and projects:

  1. Participation in community projects related to integrative health on the campus of Heliopolis University and the surrounding area (Peace and Renaissance areas) and the SEKEM Development Association in Belbeis and the surrounding villages.
  2. Cooperating with SEKEM Medical Center in preparing an electronic system for health follow-up and guidance and developing prevention and treatment programs necessary to serve patients.