Provide an interesting learning environment. 
Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of scientific research to achieve sustainable development goals and objectives.
Maximize the faculty’s role in contributing to society service and environmental development in order to realize sustainable development.
Turn out distinguished cadres capable of competing in the labor market.
 Enhance creative and intellectual aspects and instill the concepts of sustainable development in students.

Strategic Goals:

1.1 Develop the information technology service.

1.2 Develop the abilities of the faculty members.

1.3 Improve the infrastructure of the educational process.

1.4 Develop the university’s library.

1.5 Maximize the Faculty’s role to improve all support tools for students.

2.1 . Improve the scientific research infrastructure.

2.2 Boost joint and applied scientific research in general and in all fields of sustainable development in specific.

2.3 Motivate staff members to seek international research publication.

2.4 Develop postgraduate programs that meet national criteria for education quality and labor market requirements. 

3.1 Promote the faculty’s activities regarding community service and environmental development.

3.2 Raise awareness of staff members regarding the faculty’s activities and encourage them to participate.

3.3 Encourage social participation in the faculty’s activities. 

3.4 Work with NGOs for the sake of community service and environmental development.

4.1 Develop some courses to be electronic.

4.2 Develop the bachelor’s degree program and its courses to be in line with Egypt’s direction towards applying the goals of sustainable development, labor market requirements, and social services.

4.3 Raise the level of language skills of new students.

4.4 Develop programs for professional guidance, entrepreneurship, and recruitment for students and graduates.

5.1 Develop the students’ skills related to character building and improvement.