Clinical pharmacists are practitioners who provide comprehensive medication management and related care for patients in all health care settings. Pharmacy practice has considerably evolved from a dispensing role to a patient-centered profession. The current trend requires shift in undergraduate pharmacy curricula and necessitates a patient-oriented pharmaceutical education. The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy is dedicated to enhance pharmacy education, research and practice for improved patient care and health. We also prepare an outstanding pharmacist to meet the health care needs of society. Students learn optimization of safe and effective drug use. In addition, they gain critical awareness of the effective role of pharmacist within the health care team.

The department academic courses are as follows:

– Pharmacy Management

– Research Methodology

– Pharmacy Legislation

– Health Care Systems

– Pharmacy Practice 1, 2

– Pharmacotherapy 1,2, 3, 4, 5

– Pharmaceutical Marketing

– Practice in Community Pharmacy

– Pharmacoeconomics

– Sales and Budget Management

– Practice in Pharmaceutical Industry

– Pharmacy Skills

– Clinical Trials

– Pharmaceutical Marketing Skills

– Professional Experience in Hospitals