Clinical pharmacists are practitioners who provide comprehensive drug treatment and patient care in all types of healthcare units. Pharmacy practice has greatly evolved from formulating and dispensing medication to a patient-centered profession.

This requires guiding the academic curriculum for pharmacy practice to be patient-centered. Therefore, the Department of Pharmacy Practice promotes education, research and pharmacy practice to improve patient care. We aim to improve health, patient care, and drug therapy outcomes from teaching and practicing clinical pharmacology and research in the field. We are also working on preparing an outstanding pharmacist to meet the healthcare needs of the community. Students learn to improve the safe and effective use of drugs. In addition, they gain full awareness of the effective role that the pharmacist plays within the healthcare team as a community pharmacist or clinical pharmacist.

The academic courses of the department are as follows:

Clinical Pharmacokinetics 

Hospital Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy Practice

Clinical Pharmacy

Drug interaction

Clinical Pharmacy II & Pharmacotherapeutics

Clinical research, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance

Palliative Care