The department is concerned with advanced research in the areas of basic and clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology that serve community needs. Pharmacology is a multi-disciplinary science with many subspecialties including, for example, cardiovascular pharmacology, behavioural pharmacology, neuropsychopharmacology, pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics, and immunopharmacology. Moreover, Toxicology offers the study of the adverse effects of chemicals (including drugs) and environmental agents on living systems and the means to prevent or ameliorate such effects.

The objectives of the department are to introduce the students to the interactions of chemical substances (drugs) with living systems, with a view to understanding the properties of drugs and their actions, including the interactions between drug molecules and drug receptors and how these interactions elicit an effect and may also produce adverse effects.

These objectives are achieved through the department academic courses that are as follows:

– Human Anatomy and Histology

– Medical Terminology

– Physiology and Pathophsiology

– Pharmacology 1, 2, and 3

– Basic and Clinical Toxicology 

– Pharmaceutical Biostatistics

– First Aid

-Drug Information