Pharmacognosy is one of the oldest branches of pharmacy profession concerned with the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of natural drugs, including the search for new drugs from natural sources. 

It has undergone significant development in recent years and has emerged today as highly interdisciplinary and one major area of pharmaceutical sciences as the search for new drugs from natural sources and nutraceuticals.

Department of Pharmacognosy is committed to provide outstanding training in the natural sciences through accredited programs and to conduct quality research at international level. Our Department is equipped with efficient devices and instruments, offering scientific research opportunities at the research labs under the supervision of experienced subject specialists and competent academic staff.

Our devoted faculty members try to make a sociable place for every interested person in natural products, and we wish to have a productive and enjoyable experience.

Mission and Vision

Members of this department conduct research in different fields of natural products. The mission of this department is to train students according to the high-quality education and latest scientific information. e.g.

– Search for local natural resources as remedies for management of endemic diseases.

– Serve as a consultation center for the pharmaceutical industry and community.

– Integrate the disciplines of natural product chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry R&D departments.

– Develop suitable extraction/isolation and QA methods for natural products used as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

Staff Members​

Sameh AbouZid

Professor and head of department of Pharmacognosy