On October 27 and 28, 2019 10: 00-14: 00أعضاء لجنة خدمة المجتمع في جامعة هليوبوليس و الطلاب المشاركون

A number of HU- students from faculty of Pharmacy participated in the convoy and were accompanied by faculty and the assisting body from members of the Community Service Committee in the college, where medical services were provided to 160 beneficiaries of the residents of the region and those who hesitant to it

Grant a certificate of

د. أ.د/ جيهان فؤاد من وكيل الكلية لشئون الطلاب (أ.م.د. أحمد أبو السعود)
(منح شهادة تقدير ل د. أ.د/ جيهان فؤاد من وكيل الكلية لشئون الطلاب (أ.م.د. أحمد أبو السعود)
صورة تذكارية للحضور منح شهادة تقدير ل د. أ.د/ جيهان فؤاد

appreciation to Dr. Prof. Gehan Fouad, by Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Saud

  1. Explain the wrong nutrients that the Egyptian society is used to and which represent a direct cause of disease.
  2. Define the types of Organic Foods and its importance in human nutrition with confirmation and recommendation of the following:لحظة توقيع بروتوكول التعاون بين عميد الكلية (أ.د. جودة كامل) و مؤسس المبادرة د/ مروة صبحي جوانب من الندوة
  •  Seriously reduce the use of white toxins and dependence on drinking water permanently
  • Returning to dependence on leafy vegetables, she stressed the importance of following the principles of hygiene in general before cooking and eating foods

The symposium is part of the protocol signed between the college and the initiative (you have), represented by Dr. Marwa Subhi, the founder of the initiative.

In November 2018, students of the University of Heliopolis, Faculty of Pharmacy

Awareness campaign against the most common diseases, including hepatitis C the place:

HU-Students During awareness campaign for hepatitis C

Two schools from Belbeis Educational Administration, which is a school on Kamel Metwally (Elementary – Preparatory)

The school of Major General Abdel Moneim Nabih (primary), which is located in the Galvina region, which is affiliated to the Belbeis Center, Sharkia Governorate.

Participants: (Dr. Hala Hilal – P / Suhaila Saad – P / Ahmed Tawfiq)

And students: (Nahid Muhammad – Nadine Anwar – Nada Aladdin – Umniah Ashraf – Ahmad Muhammad – Mustafa Ashraf – Maryam Ahmed – Muhammad Abdul Aziz – Muhammad Abdul Azim – Mustafa Ashraf – Toka Tamer – Tasnim Raza)

Under the initiative of the President of the Republic, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to eradicate the Hepatitis C (100 million health)

A representative team from the Health Affairs Directorate in Cairo was in the Department of Peace the second medical in the university, and a suitable place was provided for the committee from 12/23/2018 to 3/1/2019 within the Faculty of Pharmacy, Heliopolis University.

This team performed the following tests: (blood pressure measurement – weight and height measurement – random sugar analysis – Hepatitis C analysis)

Where these examinations included both the faculty members, the assisting body, members of the administrative and financial apparatus, as well as all students of all levels.