The Faculty of Pharmacy was established by the ministerial decree 2905 of 2012. The study started in the academic year 2012-2013. The Faculty is considered one of the most distinguished colleges, as it was established within a group of pharmaceutical companies belonging to the founding group. The educational process is based on the principle of sustainable development adopted by Heliopolis University. The academic program consists of a set of modern courses. A number of these courses is mandatory for the students and others are elective; as the students can choose from a set of optional courses, in addition to the university requirements that are studied by all the university students. All these courses, whether university or faculty requirements, integrate the principle of sustainable development, which develops the personality and skills of the students that help them think creatively to build their country and compete locally and globally with fellow graduates of other universities.

The educational process in the Faculty of Pharmacy relies on academic teaching and self-learning, whether through lectures, labs, research projects, scientific seminars, or through practice in the field of pharmaceutical industry as well as drug technology research centers that are located in the university campus. In addition, the academic plan includes three trainings in drug technology in pharmaceutical factories and companies that are obligatory for all the faculty students.