Dr. Manal Helmy Koura is a Lecturer of Women’s Health and Pediatrics. She earned her Bsc in 2004, MSc in 2010, and PhD degree in 2016 in Physical Therapy from Cairo University. Her research interests focus on physical therapy for pediatric diseases and its surgery.

From September 2012 till June 2018, Dr. Helmy has been a Lecturer in Taif University, where she taught most Physical Therapy specialties including Pediatrics, Cardiopulmonary & Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics, etc.

Beside her academic experience, she has extensive practical experience as she worked in many rehabilitation centers. She worked in Kayan Society for Children with special needs as a Physical and Occupational Therapist.

Dr. Helmy participated in many scientific conferences including:

  • The 6th Biennial Emirates Physiotherapy Conference (Physio UAE 2018) in Dubai as a speaker in May 2018.
  • The 12th National Conference of Human Performance in Health and Disability, organized by Fitness and Rehabilitation Unit of El-Kasr Al-Ainy in association with the Egyptian Society of Fitness, Disability, and Environmental Health in June 2016.
  • The 16th International Scientific Conference, organized by the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University under the title of “No More Disability” in March 2015.
  • The Scientific Conference of the Department of Physical Therapy for Disturbance of Growth and Development in Children and its Surgery, organized by the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University in 2010.

She also published many research articles including: