Dr. Engy Mohamed Ibrahim El Nahas is an Associate Professor of Women’s Health and Pediatrics. She earned her Bsc in 2000, MSc in 2007, and PhD degree in 2012 in Physical Therapy from Cairo. Her research interests focus on women’s health.

Dr. El Nahas published many research articles including:



Article title Authors Journal title Publisher Publication year
1 Effect of kinesio taping therapy combined with breathing exercises on childbirth duration and labor pain: a randomized controlled trial


Ghada Ibrahim El Refay

Hassan Omar Gharib

Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University 2016
2 Bone mineral density and body composition according to menstrual status in female gymnasts


Doaa Ahmed Osman

Rokia Abdel Shafy

Hamada Ahmed Hamada

Ebtsam Saab


Biomedical research journal Scopus


3 Effect of aerobic exercise on depression and insomnia in post- menopausal women. International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research Hala Mohamed Emara

Hossam Eldin Hussein

British Journal of Applied Science & Technology SCIENCE

DOMAIN international

4 Impact of aerobic exercises on iron deficiency anemia in girls (2017)


Amir Araby Gaber


International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research 2017
5 Impact of resistive exercise versus aerobic exercise on bone mineral density in postmenopausal women


Heba Mohammed Embaby

Amir Araby Gaber

Hamada Ahmed Hamada

Soud Mashy

Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine




6 Impact of different exercise modality on insulin resistance during pregnancy


Heba Mohammed Embaby

Khadiga Said Abdel Aziz

Hesham Mohamed Kamal

1st International Conference for Scientific Research and its Practice Applications in Physical Therapy. Faculty of Physical Therapy. Cairo University 2015
7 Impact of high intensity interval versus moderate intensity continuous training on modulating cardiovascular disease risk factors in postmenopausal women


Heba Ahmed Abdin

Ghada Abdel Allah



International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research

8 Post natal rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles utilizing aerobic and kegel exercises


Marwa Abdel Rahman Mohamed

Hesham Mohamed Kamal

Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University 2017