Faculty of engineering Goals and Objectives


College goals:

  • Providing a distinguished educational service to graduate a competitive engineer in the job market
  • To produce distinguished and qualitative scientific research on the level of different fields.
  • Activating the college’s role in community service
  • Development of college resources
  • Improve the college’s competitive position.


College Objectives:

1.1 Developing and updating educational programs in order to achieve the authority’s national academic standards and the requirements of the labor market.
2.1 Develop teaching, learning and evaluation strategies
3.1 Providing outstanding care to students and graduates
1.2 Maximizing the research output of the college in order to achieve the state and university’s vision of sustainable development.
1.3 Enhancing the role of the college and its activities in serving society and developing the environment so as to achieve sustainable development.
2.3 Activating community participation in the college activities
1.4 Optimizing the material and financial resources available from the university.
2.4 The development of human resources in the college
1.5 Providing distinguished educational opportunities
2.5 Motivating international students to join the college
3.5 Develop the college’s marketing advertising