1. About the Department:

The Mechatronics Engineering program is an interdisciplinary engineering field. It refers to a synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, and information technology. Mechatronics is essential in the design of intelligent products and/or industrial control systems. The Mechatronics Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Heliopolis University offers Mechatronics Engineering academic program for the bachelor’s degree. The program provides students with a systematic fusion of rich knowledge and practical skills that enables them to develop, implement, or maintain smart systems.  The study program Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering consists of 10 semesters where the students earn at least 170 credit hours of coursework.

The curriculum is designed to provide the students with the knowledge and hands-on experience of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, sensors, actuators, drives, PLC and control systems, mechatronic systems, and the appropriate software tools to develop a system for performing specified tasks.

Graduates can choose from a wide variety of industries for job choices. They are engaged in the advancement of industries including manufacturing, robotics, automotive, aeronautical and building services industries, or a variety of similar areas as well as R&D applications.

The graduates pursue further studies in renowned institutions of the world, in mechatronics, or other fields related to the discipline.

2. Head of Department Message:

Welcome to Mechatronics engineering department at the Faculty of Engineering, Heliopolis University. Our goal is to empower our students with engineering knowledge and specific skills to implement creative solutions to technical problems in today’s industry and to communicate these ideas, effectively, both individually and as a team member. We strive to ensure that our students’ skills in coping with the market need to serve their community effectively and practically, by implementing scheduled co-op and internship experience. To meet the objectives, the department pays special emphasis on teaching and hands-on practical work where the students exhibit their learning in the final year projects. Our students participate in the relevant events through the presentation of their graduation projects and activities.

Whether you are interested in joining us, a current or former student, or a visitor, please feel free to contact or visit us. Again, welcome to The Department

3. Mission Statement:

“Produce mechatronics engineers well recognized nationally and regionally by imparting high- quality education in mechatronics engineering through excellence in teaching, research, and entrepreneurship”.