Head of Department Message

I am pleased to welcome our wonderful students to the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Heliopolis University. Our goal is to empower our students with engineering knowledge, attitude and wide rage of skills to implement creative solutions to technical water problems in today’s water scarcity era and to communicate these ideas effectively both individually and as a team member. We save no effort but to ensure that our Water Engineering students’ skills are perfectly in-line with the academic standards and the employment market need as well, in order to serve their community effectively and sustainably. This can be attained by implementing scheduled co-op and internship experience. To meet the objectives, the department pays special emphasis on teaching and hands-on practical work where the students exhibit their learning, especially in the final year projects. Our students gain the relevant scientific experience and specialized learning through the presentation of their graduation projects.
Whether you are interested in joining us, a current or former student, or a visitor, please feel free to contact or visit us. Again, welcome to The Civil Department (Water Program).