Establishing The Entrepreneurship Centre for Social Impact

 The project aims mainly at establishing the Entrepreneurship Centre for Social Impact at Heliopolis University Premises as well as building the capacity of the involved staff.


Towards competent Innovation and Knowledge-based economies in

Egypt via business incubation and start-ups

– provide full incubation package including a set of entrepreneurial tool kits, seed funding, consultancies, capacity building, and fundraising.
– Enhance innovation business cooperation with European partners.
– Visualize entrepreneurship potentials for a better enabling environment for start-ups in Egypt.
– Unlock industrial priority sectors in Egypt via market and value chain assessment.

Cooperation: MFK Foundation, EiTESAL, Techno Kheir

increase economic inclusiveness and employment in Egypt

to promote an enabling environment in Egypt for the development of the social entrepreneurship sector as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation.

Cooperation: Oxfam

Boosting the Role and Potential of Women Businesses in Egypt

To empower women social entrepreneurs and female households as job creators through a dual participatory approach
– To unlock the nexus of Water-Energy and Food (WEF) industrial sectors in Egypt through women social & grassroots innovations
– To benchmark and replicate women empowerment best practices
– To capitalize on strategies and interventions of women empowerment via advocacy and public-private policy dialogues among local stakeholders.

Cooperation: the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), and Techno Kheir Foundation