Heliopolis University Center for Carbon Footprint


Over the past few years, interest in global warming and climate change has grown exponentially. People have realized that it is time to act. To meet these challenges and to help mitigate climate change, Heliopolis University aims to deepen and incorporate the concepts and principles of sustainable development in the educational, research and service fields, and works to apply them in its own community and seeks to spread awareness and knowledge of these principles at the local and regional level. The university’s belief in its role and duty towards community service and environmental development and to achieve its goals, which are in line with Egypt’s vision 2030, Heliopolis University has taken its initiatives by establishing a carbon footprint center.

Heliopolis University Center for Carbon Footprint is a pioneering and accredited center for calculating the carbon footprint at the local and international level.

Excellence in calculating the carbon footprint, preparing the environmental reports, and the strategic and operational planning necessary to limit the causes of climate change and global warming.

  1. Carbon footprint assessment.
  2. Water footprint assessment.
  3. Carbon sequestration assessment.
  4. Technical consulting for afforestation and carbon neutrality project.
  5. True costing account assessment.
  6. Training and workshop to raising the awareness of the threat of climate change and global warming.