Community Service and Environmental Development Committee holds its Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Community Service and Environmental Development Committee was held with the representatives of the various societal parties on Tuesday 12 February 2019 to discuss some issues related to community participation. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Hisham Khalifa, Chair of Technical Support Committee and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Halim, Chair of the Committee of Community Service and Environmental Development together with Bahaa Rashad, Business Development Manager for the Middle East and North Africa for SAGA, Dr. Khalid Nour El Din, General Manager of SAGA Egypt, Dr. Hind Al-Husseini, Director of the Egyptian Drug Information Center at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ahmed Hussein, Director of GMC in Egypt, Dr. Ali Abdel Ghani El Halbi – Advertising Manager, El Hikma Pharmaceutical Co, and Mohamed Shaarawy, Director of Public Relations at Rushdi Pharmacies.

The meeting was part of the annual executive plan 2018-2019 of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Drug Technology as a means to explore the societal views and labor market organizations on the role of the Faculty and its services to the relevant community parties. The meeting was fruitful as everyone stressed the importance of the joint role between the faculty and the relevant social parties.