8 simple ways to become sustainable starting from today 

8 simple ways to become sustainable starting from today 

Becoming sustainable and having a positive impact on the environment can be easier than you think. You do not have to prepare for a long time or take disastrous measures to change your lifestyle into a more environmentally-friendly one. Here are 8 simple steps that you can follow starting from today to lead a more sustainable life. 

  • Turn off the lights during the day 

During the day, open the curtains, reduce the electricity usage and turn off the lights because nothing is better than enjoying the warmth and lightning of the natural sunlight. 

  •  Bring your own mug or bottle 

Whether you are going to school or work, you can carry your own mug or bottle instead of using paper ones and throwing them away.

  • Bring your own shopping bag 

Buying groceries is a task we do regularly on a daily and weekly basis. Imagine the amount of plastic you will be saving when you use 

  • Metal straws over plastic 

Billions of plastic straws are used every year. It is no surprise that manufacturing plastic emits harmful fumes and gases and affects even living creatures and the ecosystem. Switching to metal straws and re-usable products, in general, has way more benefits than we can simply list here. 

  • Turn off the water tap 

While taking a shower or brushing your teeth, do not keep the water running. Turn off the tap and you will be surprised with the amount of water you can save 

  • Walk when you can 

Taxis and cars have become an essential part of our lives, which led to us being lazier. Walking for short distances instead of taking a ride will make you healthier, more active, and even more sustainable. 

  • Eat less meat 

Studies have shown that individuals who eat green have a more positive impact on the environment than those who eat meat a lot, as it reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. 

  • Unplug electric devices 

Even if electronic devices are shut off or in sleep mode, they are still using energy. If you are traveling or staying out for a long time, do not forget to save electricity and unplug your electric devices and home appliances. 

Wrote by: Nour Altobgy