Heliopolis University assists students to become aware of their uniqueness, community, and the world. Through interactive and student-lead activities and programs, students will practice leadership, community serving, career planning, and exchanges.

Student Union

For youth leadership development, HU promotes the importance of Student Union development and progress. The Union is election based and follows the bylaws of the Egyptian Higher Education model. The HU Student Union tries to follow international best practices.


Under the supervision and approval of a HU faculty or staff member, students can establish a HU club with either academic or cultural focus. Academic clubs can be related to the HU faculties and specific subject areas. Also Academic clubs can include other disciplines that are not taught in HU. Academic Clubs may include: Energy Club, Entrepreneurship Club, etc. Cultural Clubs can include Drama Club, Friends of Ancient Cairo, etc. Clubs need to have clear announced setting, schedules, and activities. Clubs’ leaders need to be responsible for the club’s events, budget, recruitment, etc. Clubs’ members need to be responsible for club’s visibility and active participation in club’s events. Inactive clubs will be assessed and may be closed. Club’s leadership need to be rotated and decision making process to be shared.

Balance Club

Founded in 2015, Balance Club is a student lead activity with a focus on gender balance. Through different activities, Balance has celebrated the International Women’s Day.

Movement Club

Founded in 2014, Movement is focused on entertainment and sport activities within HU and outside its premises. Movement has organized a number of welcome parties, concerts, and trips.