Heliopolis University Honors its Outstanding Students


Heliopolis University held last week an honoring ceremony for its outstanding students who participated in different activities during the academic year 2017-2018. The university always encouraged its students to unfold their individual potentials through contributing to different activities that enhance creativity and innovation.

In his opening speech, Dr. Mohammed Yousri Hashem praised the various activities organized by the university’s student union including sports, cultural, social, and artistic activities. He also endorsed the voluntary work done by the students who can combine between their academic studies and social activities.

Dr. Yousri then started distributing the medals and certificates of appreciation to the outstanding students wishing them a successful and fruitful end for the academic year.

The honored students in this ceremony were:

Winner of the National Rowing Competition

Engy Hossam ElDin

Al-Abakera TV Program Participants

Amr Gamal

Nermin Ragab

Mohammed Tarek

Aya Hamdy

Mohammed Ayman

Mona Mostafa

Nahla Ragab

Winner of the Ideal Student Competition (إبداع)

Mina Maximus

The Cultural Competition (إبداع)

Mahmoud Hashem

Al-Adham Ashraf

Trips and Social Activities

Mohammed Nabil

Mostafa Mahmoud

Ahmed Galal

Andrew Zaki

Artistic Activities

Ibrahim Yousri

Ali Mahmoud

Amr Ismail

Islam Mohammed

Mahmoud Khedr

Abdallah Said

Nada Samir

Amal Samir

Ferial Adel

Nada Ashraf

Roaa Mansour

Mohammed Abdel Azim

Hady Omar

Ahmed Gamal

Mahmoud Alaa ElDin

Mostafa Ashraf

Nour Mohammed Soliman

Cultural Activities

Loay Medhat

Ihab Ayman

Mohammed Ayman

Abdallah Mohammed

Sports Activities

Mohammed Abdo

Ahmed Ezzat

Ahmed Anwar

Ramy Derham

Mostafa Ahmed

Ahmed Farouk

Mohammed Fahmy

Mohammed Fathy

Ahmed Ihab

Mohammed Tarek

Omar Sobhy

Mohammed Waleed

Mohammed Mostafa

Samy Mohammed

Mohammed Essam ElDin

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Sabry

Ahmed Khalil

Abdel Rahman Hosny

Hazem Hesham

Abdallah Mohammed

Pierre Nabil

Abdel Monem El-Naggar

Mohammed Mohammed Elkhodary

Omar Khaled

Islam Ibrahim

Mohammed Elsayed Mohammed

Haitham Mohammed

Ahmed Mostafa El-Nagdy

Mostafa Elsayed Ismail

Mohammed Elsayed Mekkawi

Mohammed Reda Elkhodary

Ahmed Reda

Mostafa Mohammed Al-Araby

Mohammed Sayed Abbas

Ahmed Mohammed Moselhi

Abdel Hadi Ahmed

Fatma Abdel Hamid Abdallah

Mohammed Mohammed Al-Ahwani

Ali Badr

Belal El-Naggar

Amr Abdel Aleem

Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim

Abdel Rahman Khaled

Islam Rabea

Ahmed Ayman

Eyad Hossam El-Din

Khaled Farahat

The Scientific Activities

Abdallah Mohammed Abdallah

Yousri Mohammed El-Sawy

Mohammed Tarek Ragab

Mohammed Salah Yehia

Abdallah Ahmed Abou El-Hadid

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed

Walaa Attallah Ali

Yasmin Kamel

Ahmed Tarek Abou El-Magd