Former Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Essam Sharaf meets students

The former Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Essam Sharaf has been meeting students of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development at its campus on 2nd of April, 2017.
Prof. Dr. Essam Sharaf visited Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development and met staff members to discuss the most important projects carried out by the university.

Students listen to the President of the Heliopolis University Prof. Dr. Yousri hashem

Prof. Dr. Sharaf was greeted by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, the president of the board of trustees, Prof. Dr. Yousri Hashem, the president of the university , as well as Prof. Dr. Tarek Salman, the vice president of the university. He furthermore, met students to give them a lecture about “The future of a nation”.

* A speech by Mr. Mohamed Ali Khair, journalist and radio presenter, about the lecture given by former Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Essam Sharaf’s.