HU Faculties 2016

Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development offers three degree-granting faculties:

The three faculties offer the students new models in business and economics, innovative engineering solutions and comprehensive pharmaceutical studies. Teaching is geared towards sustainable development through advanced dynamic curricula, developed in partnership with international educational and research institutions.

The three faculties create an optimal modern learning environment with a high standard of education by providing:

  • Modern infrastructural and instructional facilities
  • Prominent faculty members
  • Small student-faculty ratios
  • Technology-equipped classrooms
  • World-class equipped laboratories
  • Eminent student exchange programs

All degree programs are accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and based on the Credit Hour system, compatible with the American and European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Graduates of all faculties are specifically qualified to work on environmental issues in all fields and they are eligible for postgraduate studies in Egypt and / or abroad.