The English Department contributes to the vision of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. We believe in building ‘capable’ learners who are able to contribute to and induce positive change in society. The English Department aims at providing state-of-the-art language education that is functional in nature and communicative in purpose.  Being an integral part of the ‘holistic’ perspective on education, the English Department serves as a main pillar to the Core Program where language education transcends regular textbook education to create a simulated cultural experience of the language.

We cater for the students of all the scientific departments at the university, offering them a wide range of English courses: General English, Situational English, TOEFL Preparation, and Academic Writing. We utilize the Communicative Approach to Language Teaching/Learning that focuses on providing contextual language input and practice opportunities followed by personalized feedback. We foster the elements of diversity by delivering a variety of educational material that is not restricted to a single source; as there is diversity in nature, there is also diversity in language.  Our ultimate objective is to help create competent, responsible, and aware individuals who are better able to discover their potential in becoming world leaders in their respective fields while keeping life-long education as a central theme in their lives.